Daytrading: Choosing the right broker

No matter whether it is a CFD, a Forex or a Binary Broker, there are some basic criteria that play an important role when choosing a broker. This means that the broker offers a reliable and functional trading platform. Equally only 24option it important is that brokers provide free chart tools, order masks, indicators, etc. Extensive support as well as various ways to make contact should also be available.

Other general features are:

Most Forex if IQ Option so traders use brokers that work according to the market maker model because they offer fixed spreads. This makes it easier to compare the Forex brokers. In addition to financing costs, the spread is often the only relevant cost factor. Traders should therefore ensure that the broker offers the lowest possible spread.

Another important factor in the selection of the Forex and CFD broker is the lever. Here, check here for the higher the leverage, the less equity capital must be spent. For example, a leverage of 1 to 100 means that one percent equity is necessary to open a position.

For Forex and CFD traders, it is also important to know whether the broker is a German or foreign supplier, since with a German broker directly the withholding tax becomes due. In the case of foreign brokers, the traders themselves have to take care of the deduction of the withholding tax.

Another important comparison factor is the amount of margin (margin). It is well known that there may be high losses due to price with plus500 an fluctuations. In such a case, the security deposit deposited can sometimes be insufficient and the trader must pay back money. If the trader does not react in time, the broker can make use of the margin call and the trader must deposit another margin. When comparing the broker, make sure we etoro that that the margin height is determined by the lever. The lower the margin, the higher the lever.

The Binäroptionshandel is characterized among other things. Which can already be started with very small minimum trading sums. Some brokers already allow trades from a few euros, which is why the minimum trading margin is an important selection criterion.

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The possible yield that can be achieved is, of course, an important factor in the selection of the broker. On traditional call / put options the brokers these anyoption we offer a yield between 70 and 95 percent. In addition, some brokers are providing a 10% to 15% reimbursement.

In addition, the assets (underlyings) play an essential role in the selection of the right broker. While some brokers offer only 30 to 50 assets, other brokers have 200 to 300 values. This is come Copy Trading she mainly due to personal trading behavior, and what values ​​(eg stocks, currencies or commodities) are preferred.

To underline their seriousness, many brokers can be licensed, although this is not absolutely necessary. However, it is quite advantageous if a broker is controlled by the respective responsible financial supervisory authority. For this reason, licensing can also be used as a see Social Trading like selection criterion.

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